A clever way to hit ‘refresh’ on your approach to work

The thing I love most about coming back to work at the start of the new year is a renewed willingness to do and look at things differently. 

Call it clarity. Fresh perspective. Or more honestly, the result of shutting down the laptop and having rested for a week or two. Bliss. 

I like to think of the climb back into work as an opportunity to hit the refresh button on all the tasks from the ‘old’ year and consider doing them differently. 

It’s a good way to lift the spirits when you’d rather be on the beach with your kids, and may even prompt a better way of doing the things you always do.

Helpfully too there are always plenty of ideas floating about how to improve the way you do ‘you’. 

This one from American CEO coach, author and speaker, Lauren Zander has really inspired me.

She calls it the meditation of ‘designing your days’ and it’s done by swapping out your regular to-do list with a letter to yourself, about how the day ahead unfolded.  

Here’s how Lauren explained it to Forbes magazine

I teach clients to “design their day” each day.  This is where I have them write out how their day went before it actually happened and send it to me and any other people in their lives who will hold them accountable to it. Your “Designed Day” (DD) is an accounting of how you want your best and most fun day to unfold, equipped with attitude and aspirations.” 

It’s basically like writing a letter to your future 5:30pm self, at the start of the day detailing all the things that went well for you. Lauren says the power of this process helps us connect our daily ‘tasks’ with our emotional and even spiritual aspirations. 

Whether you told the truth at a meeting and inspired everyone to do the same, or you completed all the work you set out to accomplish, had zero traffic, out of the blue magic or found that key new person to hire. YOU get to create excellence that is on point with your dreams. You get to manage and inspire yourself, keep your promises and talk to your life, directing it and practicing the art of authoring it,” she says. 

Now that’s what I call I an interesting twist on the ‘normal’.


Source : Flying Solo

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