Richie Walsh Story

We are proud to announce that we will be supporting Richie Walsh and we want to share our plans with you. We know the last year has been a challenge for many people, but Richie Walsh has had it tougher than most…. and he’s only 9 years old. As parents and a business with the capacity to help, below is what we’ll be doing for Richie and how you can help too.

Who is Richie?

Richie Walsh is an 9 year old boy within our local community who has been fighting an extremely rare cancer for the past 15 months. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma and has since undergone extensive chemotherapy and many rounds of radiation therapy.  The treatment has not been successful and he has now moved to a new chemotherapy treatment plan. His family is making plans for Richie to go to the US or UK for treatment at clinics specialised in treating this rare cancer. They are seeking to raise $300,000 to fund the costs.

Richie and his family have demonstrated incredible strength through-out this challenging time. The family has gone above & beyond to seek out support for Richie. They have also actively promoted and raised awareness for cancer charities and the importance of blood donations in cancer treatment.

More about Richie Walsh

Richie’s battle has received extensive news coverage here.

His father has established a website dedicated to his story and raising further funds for cancer here

Below – Richie in happier times and Richie fighting the good fight.

Richie in happier times

Richie fighting the good fight 

Why are we helping?

As financial advisers, we encourage our clients to take out insurance cover to protect against significant health events. Unfortunately due to the rarity of this cancer and the specific circumstances, the family has not been able to cover the costs associated with this expense. Whilst Richie’s family are not our clients, they are part of our local community – we can help, so we decided that we needed to act. 

We do appreciate that you may not wish to participate and that is 100% understandable, we have no expectations going into this. 

What are we doing?

We are trying to raise further support & awareness for Richie and child cancer in general. In support of this outcome Brent will be participating in a couple of activities over the month of July.

Firstly, he is going dry for July….which means experimentation with alcohol free beers.


Secondly, Brent will be shaving his head in support of cancer and more specifically in support of Richie at the end of July. We aren’t quite sure how he is going to look!  

Raising Funds

We won’t be setting up specific fundraisers for the Dry July / Head Shave activities.

Instead we ask that if you wish to support Brent’s efforts to raise funds for Richie to please donate directly to Richie’s GoFundMe page here. Our offer is that Cornerstone Advice will match dollar-for-dollar any contribution that you make to Richie’s GoFundMe campaign*. If you contribute $50, then we will do the same.

Please note that GoFundMe donations are not generally considered to be tax-deductible. GoFundMe has further detail published here on the tax deductibility.

When donating via GoFundMe please ensure you change the below to 0% to ensure 100% of funds are passed onto the family.  

 GoFundMe for Richie Walsh

Send us your Donation Receipt

To ensure we can make matching contributions, please email us a copy of your donation receipt to

At the end of July we will tally up all contributions made through our networks and we will make our contribution to the GoFundMe campaign.

* Please note that the maximum total donation by Cornerstone Advice will be $15,000.

Brent Story

Business Owner, Certified Financial Planner & Mortgage Broker